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The Lucia Group is a solutions based design resource and specialty storage company. Our mission is to combine functionality and aesthetics, to optimize the particular need of any work environment, while maintaining a level of comfort and enthusiasm for it’s human resources.


This important step starts with good listening. After discussing your needs, together we will assess your priorities and determine the best use of space. We take note of the intended function of each space and analyze your particular inventory items to achieve the most effective solution. 


Our CAD drawings will illustrate a variety of storage options for your space.  After performing a construction plan review, we will help you choose the most appropriate product that fits your design scheme and budget. 


We guarentee the fit and finish of every customized shelving confiuration.  Before your product goes into production, we will survey your space to ensure your shelving fits perfectly the first time and maintains all necessary code clearances. 


If the job site is in the NYC metro area, material will be shipped to THE LUCIA GROUP warehouse in Deer Park, Long Island. We will handle the transportation to the jobsite, inside delivery, and installation.   We also have a network of certified shelving installers for projects throughout the US.


Once the shelving design is selected, and the price approved, we will generate a final set of shop drawings for your authorization.  Production orders are either sent to the appropriate manufacturer for custom fabrication, or stock orders are pulled from the warehouse. 

Reconfigure & Recycle

Many of our solutions are designed to accomodate your changing needs, and may be easily rearranged as necessary. If you are moving, we can break down your product, transport it, and reinstall it at your new location.  

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